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Read the FAQ regarding the ERASMUS MUNDUS SCHOLARSHIPS for more information.
When do applications open?

Applications open October of every year, unless communicated otherwise on our social media networks and on the website. Always keep an eye.

How can I apply for the Scholarship?

The application for the scholarship is included with the application for the program itself, you don't need to submit anything beyond what is required in the application.

Which English exams are accepted for REPLAY?

You can find the accepted English exams for the admission under the Proof of Proficiency in The English Language on this link.

How can I apply as an ongoing student if my diploma is due latest by 31 July 2023?

You can use a certification from your educational institution stating that you are currently enrolled including exact dates of your study period and of the expected graduation. But we would need to get your degree as soon as you receive it (in case selected, your enrollment would depend on it).

My uploads are not being uploaded on the portal when I am returning to a previously saved section?

The documents you upload while filling the application won't be saved, every time you go back to the application to edit you need to reupload. This is to make sure you upload the correct documents. We recommend you double check all uploads right before submitting to guarantee that they are there.